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Some Testimonials

Tony was great! He was honest and fair. We had a backup at our cleanout drain that he came out and cleared in no time. Will definitely call him again for our plumbing needs.

Tony is great at what he does. He is very honest and knowledgable about how to clean the kitchen pipes. He explained everything thoroughly to me and recommended to use the hydro jet to clean the years of build up away. After the job was done my kitchen pipes are clean as a whistle! Everything is in tip top shape now!

I finally found a great plumbing company that is not just out for my money.
This company came out at 8:00pm when everyone else that supposed to of had been a 24hr company would not come in until tomorrow morning.
Tony in particular came out due to my shower and toilet overflowing and took the worries off my back! He took care of the problem and did not charge me much at all.
Thanks to Dependable Rooter I was able to get some rest for work the next day and I really am thankful for them.
Thanks Tony for saving my night!

Tony was amazing! We are having an issue with the toilets at the office flushing. He was very thorough and fair. He let us know what the problems could be. He did everything possible to save us money. Talk about being a trooper! When he lifted the toilet off the floor giant water bugs (we all know they’re really cockroaches) came running out! Omg! It was the craziest thing ever! He dealt with the issue and got the job done. We will certainly call on him from here on out! Also at home

Tony is great and knowledgeable. He helped with my slow flowing tub. I probably spent near $100 on Drano’s and the like. He said the most likely factor was old pipes and corrosion so all he needed to do was hydro jet it and clean it out. Worked like a charm! Thanks!

Tony Shaw the owner was awesome! They took care of my pipe leak in my garage in a very professional manner. Price was very reasonable and fair and they are top notch on what they do. Tony even called me to follow up if everything is resolved the following day which rare for any contractor to care. He will be my permanent plumber. I wouldn’t waste my time searching online for a honest and professional plumber I found the guy.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending to my friends and family.